Transitioning out of ownership.
It’s a big step — a multi-faceted, many-layered decision.
That much is obvious.

Knowing which options & routes are the best for you?
…Your family? …Your team?
That’s a bit less clear.

what is my path forward?

the more you know

We adhere to the old adage that knowledge is power.
Here are a few things to know about how we approach the transitions conversation:

  • our perspective
    • Each & every interaction at the “transition-intersection” is unique.

    • Each & every individual involved should feel like this is an all-out “win.”

    • Transitions are not a “one-size-fits-all” scenario.
      • We’re not a fit for every single practice/ practitioner.
      • Not every practice/ practitioner is a fit for us.
      • & That’s okay.

    • Respect. Responsibility. Relationships.
      • P.S. : Respect. Responsibility. Relationships.
      • P.P.S. : Respect. Responsibility. Relationships.

    • Simplicity is best.
      • You shouldn’t have to be a lawyer to know if things make sense.

ready to talk?

If you’re looking into your options and want to find out if/how we could be a fit for you, we’d love to sit down and answer any & all questions you have.

Vesper alliance coffee shop meeting

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For dentists.

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